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    Ultrasound therapy is a treatment modality that has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s. The application of ultrasound is done using a device that is placed directly on the skin with the help of a special conducting gel. It has been shown that ultrasound therapy accelerates the tissue healing process, helps tissue relaxation and warming, plays an important role in improving blood flow, and aids in scar healing.

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    Picture of Combisix EU - Ultrasound

    Combisix EU - Ultrasound

    Portable ultrasound therapy device, frequency of 1, 2, 3 MHz, combined with 2-channel electrotherapy.
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    Picture of Ultrasix US - Ultrasound

    Ultrasix US - Ultrasound

    Portable ultrasound therapy device 1/2/3 MHz.
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    Picture of CrioSix - Cryoultrasound

    CrioSix - Cryoultrasound

    Criosix is a device that combines the effects of cryotherapy with those of ultrasound therapy. With Criosix, it is possible to work both manually and with preset protocols.
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    Picture of  Cryo Ultrasound - Cryoultrasound

    Cryo Ultrasound - Cryoultrasound

    Cryoultrasound - it is a physical therapy that employs an innovative method in orthopedic and sports traumatology and rheumatology.
    63.500,00 RON
    Picture of Zimmer Sono Touch - Ultrasound Device

    Zimmer Sono Touch - Ultrasound Device

    Touch screen ultrasound system for easier and more efficient work.
    52.000,00 RON 48.000,00 RON