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    Cryotherapy represents the general or local use of low temperatures in the medical field. Cryotherapy is used for the treatment of various joint or muscle injuries, with the first cases of using this treatment method dating back to the 27th century.

    Its purpose is to:

    • Reduce cell growth and reproduction (cellular metabolism)
    • Promote cell survival
    • Decrease the inflammatory process
    • Reduce pain and combat spasms, promote vasoconstriction.

    Benefits of Cryotherapy:

    • Improved blood circulation
    • Enhanced immune system
    • Increased energy levels and muscle strength
    • Reduction of physical fatigue
    • Adjunct in sports injury recovery
    • Alleviation of pain
    • Shortened recovery time
    • Improved focus
    • Combats insomnia
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    Picture of CRYO-2 Cold Therapy on Sunday

    CRYO-2 Cold Therapy on Sunday

    The GIOCO CRYO-2 system is revolutionary in treating sports injuries such as sprains, dislocations, bruises, or postoperative recovery.
    14.900,00 RON
    Picture of  Cryo Ultrasound - Cryoultrasound

    Cryo Ultrasound - Cryoultrasound

    Cryoultrasound - it is a physical therapy that employs an innovative method in orthopedic and sports traumatology and rheumatology.
    63.500,00 RON
    Picture of CrioSix - Cryoultrasound

    CrioSix - Cryoultrasound

    Criosix is a device that combines the effects of cryotherapy with those of ultrasound therapy. With Criosix, it is possible to work both manually and with preset protocols.
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    Picture of Cryoscreen - Cryostimulation Device

    Cryoscreen - Cryostimulation Device

    This technique allows the temperature to drop from 32°C to 4°C in 30 seconds due to a cold power of -78°C and a pressure of 50 bars (CO2). The thermal shock is immediate, stimulating the skin's receptors, which send a strong and very rapid message to the brain to trigger a response through the reflex system.
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