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    Kinesiology Tape PINOTAPE® XXL Sensitive - Black

    It was specially developed for athletes with sensitive skin. Even with prolonged wear, the maximum tension of PINOTAPE remains constant.
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    PINOTAPE Sport Sensitive, with increased skin tolerance. It allows lymphatic techniques, especially for extensive and contused injuries. The tape can also be used for shoulder belt corrections and is ideal for ligament techniques on large joints.

    Size: 5 m x 10 cm.

    The elastic tape supports muscles without restricting freedom of movement. By using kinesiology tape, it is assumed to stimulate the body's self-healing capabilities in the case of injuries. It has been specially developed for athletes with sensitive skin. Even with prolonged wear, PINOTAPE maintains its maximum tension consistently. Thanks to its high and reliable quality, the tape is ideal for use in physiotherapy, recreational activities, and sports.

    • Supports shoulder belt corrections
    • Can promote activity, especially of large muscle groups
    • Suitable for universal use
    • Very good skin tolerance
    • 5 cm wider than regular PINOTAPE
    • Extra gentle acrylic adhesive with extremely strong adhesive strength
    • Suitable for ligament techniques on large joints
    • Air-permeable and latex-free
    • Revolutionary water-resistant support material made of lightweight rayon
    • Elasticity between 140 - 150%
    • No loss of tension even after prolonged wear
    • Edges and corners remain securely adhered for an extended period
    • Suitable for patients who sweat profusely
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